artZ, an artist collective, believes that art is an essential part of a healthy community.  It has power - to educate, advocate and inspire, to broaden perspectives, to challenge convictions, and to expand our understanding of the world around us.  Art makes us not only better people, but more compassionate human beings.   
Meet the artists of artZ:
Tom Lindfors, owner of Lindfors Photography, Inc., portraits, fine art photography, mixed media, Star Prairie, WI, 
(715) 254.1324 
Julie Adams works in Watercolor, Acrylic and Collage', and teaches painting classes at artZ Gallery and individual lessons at her Riverside Studio.
Judy Hostvet/Paulson - Mixed media artist/teacher and writer for Living & Playing magazine.  New Richmond, WI
(715) 246.4304
Mark Buley incorporates elements common to the Japanese aesthetic including: complexity within simplicity; asymmetry; celebration of natural elements & processes; and respect for tradition and craftsmanship.
phone: (715) 327.4743
Patricia Duncan is a representational pastel and oil painter. Currently living part-time in the beautiful St. Croix Valley, it's surrounding lakes and farmland are a continual source of inspiration.  She is particularly drawn to cultural diversity when picking her subject matter.  She prefers painting natural landscapes, people, animals, architecture and still life. 
Bonnie Hagen works in watercolors, pastels, acrylics, fabrics and mixed media. She enjoys painting landscapes, animals, nature, and abstracts.  She has recently retired from teaching and hopes to spend more time on her art.

Earl Duckett has been photographing nature since 1995. "The best time to work is around the edges of light. My favorite time is from pre-dawn through the first couple hours of the day." Earl also provides custom framing services. To see more of his work, visit his web site at:
Each of Win Herberg's pieces of high-fired stoneware pottery evolves from aspects of previous pieces.  She believes  simplicity can be very elegant through the repetition of form, line and color. Each of these repetitions strengthens and animates a piece by building on the previous one. 
Dick Lee, "the Chicken Guy" with a bent sense of humor, illustrates chickens acting like people.  He also, in an effort to maintain self-respect, paints diverse subjects in watercolor, pastel and mixed media.
Pauly Cudd, "Glassblowing's my life's passion.  I am 
attracted to the mystical qualities of fluid glass.  It is truly 
challenging to manipulate and persuade a medium that 
you can't touch with your hands.  With each piece I create, I try to pass on my passion for glass to its new owner."
(715) 760.5058
Nancy Viebrock
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​Wendy Frank has always been fascinated with metal and glass.  Currently living in rural Wisconsin she finds herself surrounded by inspiration.  Working in mostly copper and torch fired enamels, she creates one of a kind jewelry pieces and some raised vessels as well.

Brian Hall

Jan Killian
Loretta Pedersen
David and Carolyn Stone