Bremer Bank Gallery
Bremer Bank / artZ Joint Statement

The Bremer Bank Gallery is the result of a new initiative by artZ Gallery to bring art to the public. Gallery members realize that not everyone will get the chance to visit the gallery so in an effort to make member's art more accessible to the public we are partnering with local businesses and other organizations who also appreciate the benefits of having a rotating exhibition of artwork by regional artists in their facility.  Our first "remote" gallery was established at Osceola Medical Center. We are proud to announce Bremer Bank has asked us to establish a rotating exhibition in the lobby and offices at their Amery location.  Working closely with Bank President Dan Draxler and his staff, the gallery hosted the 1st Annual Bremer Bank Shopping Night at the Gallery.  Bank employees were invited to spend an exclusive evening at the gallery perusing the portfolios of nine member artists. The artist were on hand to meet with employees, explain their work and answer any questions.  At the end of the evening, employees paired up with artists to provide work for the walls of their offices and the bank lobby for the next year.  The gallery is honored and excited that Bremer Bank chose to partner with us to showcase the vision and voices of local artists.   
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